Your Christmas Welcome

Written by: Ben Naughton

Create an inviting glow this festive season.

Our latest styling guide is all about illuminating your entrance for the festive season. Read our top tips for lighting up porches and doorways, we're on hand to help you get the glow.

Your Christmas Porch

As the front of your house is the place that everyone can see, we think it deserves that extra sparkle! Our advice is to dress your porch at different heights for a truly festive feel. Place potted trees either side of your door and illuminate with battery operated outdoor Christmas lights for an inviting glow. Pop a wreath on your door and set lanterns on the ground for something at every level.

Welcoming Windows

It's always a winner to dress a window close to your door with Christmas window lights - they'll be enjoyed from inside and out. From traditional wooden candle bridges through to micro light curtains, there's something for every style. Battery lights and decorations are the ideal way to get the glow without the fuss of trailing wires. Glass domes are the perfect choice as they can be viewed from all sides and can be placed anywhere, so you'll be set to sparkle in no time!

Christmas Wreaths

Happiness is... hanging a Christmas wreath on your door! It means the countdown has begun, and it's the very best welcome you can give. The word wreath comes from an English word meaning to twist, and most Christmas wreaths follow a natural flow to reflect this. The 1st of December is the ideal day to hang yours, coinciding with the start of Advent. To complete the look, entwine micro fairy lights within the foliage for an unmissable sparkle. With a handy 6 hour timer, they'll even turn themselves on each evening and will welcome you home, too. Half wreaths are trending right now, and ours has eucalyptus foliage, which gives a beautiful bluey-green hue. For a more traditional look, red and green is always a winner!