Your New Year's Party

Written by: Ben Naughton

Throwing a party to welcome the New Year in style? Our simple how to guide will see you through.

Whether you are having a last minute do or your party has been talked about forever, our top tips are the same. Planning ahead gives the advantage of having more time to think about the details that make the difference. Here’s our guide to getting your home party ready!

Pink wall with a neon 'noel' sign over a desk with confetti.

Add to What You Have

Check your Christmas decorations are still looking good and that your front door has a lit wreath to welcome everyone, especially one that looks fun and different. Place Christmas candles where they'll show through the window for a cosy warm glow and opt for star lights for a fabulously festive feel. Complete the look by adding rope lights to set the party atmosphere - they look great virtually anywhere.

Get The Party Started

Mix up jugs of a fabulous drink to serve when guests arrive & offer out party hats and blowers for a bit of fun, too. We recommend placing candles along the centre of your dining table if you’re having a sit down meal, or if you go for buffet style party food, weave micro lights along the table for an added glow. Prepare your playlist and ensure it’s set to flow all night long, your guests will be dancing before you know it! Once darkness falls, turn the lights low and let your fairy lights twinkle, low lighting will set the perfect party atmosphere.

Silver LED Christmas candles on a marble countertop.

The Showstopper!

Everyone loves something extra special on New Years Eve, and you can create a real wow factor using lights that your guests will really love! Choose either indoors or outdoors, and make an impact that will dazzle! Indoors, try hanging banister lights in bright white. They will look absolutely amazing and extend the party beyond the usual kitchen and living room event. If you haven’t got a banister, hang the curtain down a wall, the impact will be just as impressive, and they definitely create a party atmosphere. If you are planning to set off fireworks, lit safely of course, consider a fairy light canopy for everyone to stand under whilst they are set off. Looking through the pretty lights with your friends, hearing the wonderful noises of the fireworks and watching the spectacle, will really start 2019 in style. Happy new year everyone!