Your Perfect Christmas Tree

Written by: Anna McGurk

We all put Christmas tree lights onto our tree, so here’s a quick guide how to achieve the best results. If you tackle this in the right order, it’s completely stress-free and makes for an enjoyable and satisfying job ticked off your list.

The Tree

If you’re using a real Christmas tree, it’s worth setting up the base in advance and we recommend putting a piece of old carpet underneath to protect your floor. Don’t be tempted to remove the net from the tree until you’ve secured the tree into place, as those prickly branches can really get in the way. Once you’re confident that the tree is secure, snip the net and remove completely. Then try to work out the best angle of viewing the tree, and rotate the base whilst someone else holds the very top of your tree. Alternatively, you could invest in a pre-lit artificial tree - they’re probably the most realistic they have ever been right now. The advantage of this is that all the hard work has been done and the lights are spread perfectly evenly.

Your Style

Many Christmas fairy lights are now available on ultra-thin cable, so the main feature of your tree is the lights themselves. If you decide to treat yourselves to new Christmas tree lights this year, you don’t have to limit yourself to the traditional strings of Christmas fairy lights alone. There is a wide variety of designs available so that you can tailor your Christmas tree to your style. If you feel like a complete change from traditional fairy lights, candle clips are really attractive, and evoke the nostalgic feeling of a very traditional Christmas. LEDs lights don’t heat up, and therefore can be left unattended throughout Christmas, and being super safe, you are free from worry with young children and pets.

Light It Up! The How To Guide...

Now onto the Christmas fairy lights, which should always be dressed onto the tree before anything else. It’s much easier to keep the lights wound into a ball and pass them to each other as the lights are wound around the tree. Our advice is to turn the lights on before you begin, and always start at the very top and take the string around the tree, tucking into the branches. The advantage of having the lights on means that you can keep the coverage even as you go around the tree. Turn the lights off once you are satisfied that the coverage is beautifully even, spending extra time on the finer details of tucking the cable in amongst the branches and needles.

Finishing Touches

This is the real fun part, and best done whilst the lights are switched off. Over time, you’re bound to have collected all kinds of illuminated Christmas decorations for your tree. Now it’s perhaps your opportunity to decide if you want to get rid of the old and damaged ones and start with a fresh new look. It may be that you have some sentimental decorations that will never grow old, but who doesn’t love something shiny and new? We’ve all seen themed trees, but our advice is to adapt the look to suit your own personality, that way it stands the test of time. We advise putting larger baubles on the lower branches, whilst smaller ones sit much better nearer the top. It really does help to balance your look.

Celebrate the big switch on and then put your feet up, you deserve to!