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How Many Lights Do I Need For My Christmas Tree?

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From artificial to fresh cut, all trees deserve to be lit up for Christmas! All you need to know is the height of your tree, then follow this guide and you'll be able to fill your tree with the right amount of Christmas lights.

How many lights do I need for an indoor tree?

When dressing an indoor Christmas tree, it all comes down to the look you've dreamt of. Ranging from simple and twinkly to full and glowing - there are so many Christmas tree lights available, but only you will know exactly the result you want. Here at Lights4fun we've been lighting up trees since 2003 (and we've done a fair few over the years), so we've created our own simple calculation which recommends the minimum length of lights you’ll need based on the height of your Christmas tree, not just the bulb count.

Our golden rule is 15 metres of lights for a 6 foot tree. For every foot more of height, simply add 5 metres of lights. For a more dense appearance, use lights with more bulbs per metre & weave into branches.

For a 6ft tree - 15 metres of lights
For a 7ft tree - 20 metres of lights
For a 8ft tree - 25 metres of lights

On smaller trees we'd always recommend keeping the amount of cable low for a smarter appearance. Lights with discreet micro wire or more bulbs per metre are an ideal choice. See below examples of how to light 6ft and 7ft trees.

How many lights do I need for an outdoor tree?

When it comes to lighting outdoor trees you'll need a 'best guess' approach. Our rule of thumb for any outdoor tree is 10 metres of lights for every 3 feet of height. For deciduous trees, this is ideal. For fir trees, double it up.

For a 3ft deciduous tree - 10 metres of lights
For a 6ft deciduous tree - 20 metres of lights

For a 3ft evergreen tree - 20 metres of lights
For a 6ft evergreen tree - 40 metres of lights

Fir trees tend to be full and you can't see through them like a deciduous tree that's shed it's leaves already. Bearing this in mind, you may need more lights. If you're dressing just one side of a Christmas fir tree then you may be fine with 10 metres for 3 feet of height, however, if you want to light up all sides of your fir tree you'll have to double up! If you choose connectable outdoor Christmas tree lights it's much easier to 'guestimate' as you can just add another set when required. See below how to use festoon lights look against string lights on a fir tree.

How do I light a small Christmas tree?

When space is a premium you don't have to go 'tree-less'. Welcome to the world of mini Christmas trees, choose pre lit or with plain, you'll need a set of battery operated Christmas lights to bring the sparkle to your table top. Weave into branches for a fuller appearance, or simply place on the tips for a simply look. For porches & small potted trees there's also battery outdoor Christmas lights available with a handy timer too.

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