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LED Tea Lights

Incredibly versatile when used for party venues or just dotted around your home, our range of LED battery tea lights are the safest way to that cosy atmosphere you’re dreaming of. Over the years we’ve worked hard to ensure our imitation tea lights really do give an authentic flicker and impressive battery life. Each light will fit any standard holder that you may already have hidden in that cupboard under the stairs so no need to buy any more.

We’re realists here at Lights4fun and we think it’s misleading to say that these battery tea lights look just like the real thing, because it’s virtually impossible to replicate that dancing flame effect from a single bulb, however these get very, very close to it. Our top tip for ensuring your guests are fooled is to use a frosted holder that creates a dappled light, hides the wick, and from a distance you’ll hardly be able to tell. If you don’t have any frosted holders to hand then we’ve got some further down this page with a battery tea light built in! Handy stuff.

Don’t forget that all our battery operated tea lights are flameless and windproof, meaning they will stay lit on those blustery evenings and with no naked flames you’ve got total peace of mind that these can be left unattended night after night, until they need a battery change!

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