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Garden Lighting Ideas

Bring your outside living space to life when evenings arrive.
From intimate courtyards to luscious lawns, here are some garden lighting ideas to take home that are easier to achieve than you think. 
Light Canopies

Fill your skies! Our first stop for becoming a garden lighting god or goddess is up high. Span strings of sparkling lights above your entertaining space, the colour of bulb you prefer is going to continue through the theme of your garden. Choose fairy lights for larger distances, they're light-weight and if you're working to a budget offer better value than others. To recreate the old school feel (seen below), then big bulb festoon lights are a firm favourite. Perfectly placed spanning courtyard patios, they can be teamed with fairy light strings and paper lanterns easily.

Entertaining Alfresco

Whether it's a cosy corner around a firepit, a sunny poolhouse or a Mediterranean patio, entertaining alfresco is all about creating an area that is comfortable and inviting. It doesn’t matter what style or size garden you have, you don't have to only use it in the summer months. Wave goodbye to lost lawns and forgotten terraces, the first step to achieving the look is the furniture. From there, it's all about the lighting. The best living spaces are built with layers in mind. Combining different decorative lights on a few levels keeps your display looking fabulous. Festoons, fairy lights and hanging lanterns are ideal for your trees and shrubs, with lanterns, candles offering beautiful table top illumination.

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Make your
Alfresco adorable!
Pergola & Gazebo Lighting

Whether it's a permanent fixture or popped up for a party, gazebos and pergolas are crying out to be lit up! Illuminating your garden structures can create an irresistible living space in seconds. We'd always opt for string lights with their durable cables and extendable lengths they're ideal for wrapping or hanging. Wooden pergolas suit symmetrical lines, gazebo lights work best when hung with a soft drape. When it comes to colours, the contrast between greenery or timber tones and white hues are a matchmade in heaven which can’t be missed.

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