5 Ways to Brighten Your Home with Twinkly

Written by: Emily Rayner

As we begin to transition into the warmer months, now is the perfect time to give your home a bright refresh and add a playful pop of colour to lift your space. Your home should be an expression of your personality, so with our range of Twinkly lights you can create your own shapes, colours and displays to make your space as unique as you are!

1. Express Yourself

A great way to instantly brighten up your space is with a statement piece to add a fun focal shine to your wall! With Twinkly Flex, you can twist, shape and fix your feature into any outline of your choice. Personalise with wording, shapes and designs to fit the occasion and perfectly reflect you! Take your customisation a step further with your own colour combination, adapting them on your smartphone as often as you wish.

2. Light Up the Dark

Brighten up those dark spaces and feel your mood lift with some fun and playful colours. With a self-adhesive and magnetic backing, Twinkly Line is perfect for adding a boost to your handrails, shelves or headboards to transform your home. Customise your colours with the smartphone app or create animations for the ultimate mood lighting whatever the occasion.

3. Impress Your Guests

After a challenging couple of years, everyone is appreciating the time to reconnect with all of their loved ones and to create new memories. Impress your guests at your gatherings with the Twinkly Curtain light to provide the perfect magical backdrop throughout all the seasons. With over 16 million colours to choose from along with lots of effects and designs, it’s the perfect feature to celebrate every occasion and create the ultimate show stopping display to brighten to winter days.

4. Transform Your Garden

With spring just around the corner, it’s the perfect time for a garden glow up to get set for the season ahead. From classic string lights to enchanting festoons, Twinkly lighting is perfect for elevating every outdoor space. Let your personality shine through in your garden as you customise your lights to help you relax in the summer and brighten up the winter evenings.

5. Dance the Night Away

Brightening up your home also brightens your mood and with the Twinkly Music Device your lights will dance along to the beat of your music, creating the perfect party atmosphere. Whether you connect it to the lights in your home or your garden, they're sure to be the ultimate talking point among your friends and family.

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