Autumnal Kitchen Styling

Written by: Ellie Cox

Kitchen styling is on the rise this year, with more people turning their attention to using autumnal decorations throughout their homes to tie in with their seasonal interior. Combining style with practicality is key for any kitchen and we have just the tips and tricks to help you add character to your space this autumn.

Effortless Style

It's important to keep your kitchen styling simple, to ensure you don’t overcrowd the room. Add wreaths to interior doors or walls to fill blank spaces effortlessly whilst maintaining a minimal look. Eucalyptus greens and muted tones are well suited to autumn and are sure to introduce a fresh feel to your interior.

Opt for a subtle wreath incorporating these shades as well as seasonal detailing, such as mini pumpkins or pinecones as part of the wreaths’ design. Alternatively, you can opt for a more bold wreath with an earthy colour palette, featuring colours such as burnt oranges and reds. Wreaths can also be used as a display piece on your kitchen table for your autumnal dining. Pair with micro lights or an LED candle for a cosy ambience which will instantly welcome you into the room. Taper candles are an elegant option for your dining decor and can line the centre of your table whilst pillar candles can be positioned within your chosen wreath as a stylish centrepiece.

Shelf Decoration

Shelf decoration is also growing in popularity, with the recent ‘Shelfie’ trend becoming a key theme on social media and in the home decor world. There are many ways in which you can use your shelves as a point to decorate, no matter how big your kitchen space is. If you have numerous shelves within your kitchen, choose one which will catch your eye as soon as you walk through the door. Start by clearing any unnecessary bits you don’t need on your shelving, keeping any ornaments or crockery which you think will work well as part of the display.

Faux foliage is great for nestling amongst elements on your shelf as a finishing touch. Autumn garlands can be displayed simply on their own or with fairy lights hanging below your shelf to add to the arrangement. Complete your shelf by adding mini pumpkins! If you’re working with a slightly smaller shelf which won’t fit a garland, you can create a mini display feature using a glass dome filled with natural accessories such as acorns or berries instead.

Kitchen Top Accessories

For the ultimate look, you can combine various accessories and lights to achieve that ‘wow factor'. LED candles and ceramic pumpkins are a match made in heaven when it comes to autumnal decor and our pumpkin lights are the ideal choice. A super cute addition to your kitchen tops, they radiate a soft glow and our smaller sized pumpkins are perfect as they don’t take up too much space. For a slightly larger display, why not use an area of the room such as a side table or work surface which you don’t really use. Sit an assortment of LED candles at differing heights next to your pumpkin lights, positioning a large pumpkin within the middle as a focal point of your seasonal set-up. Incorporate fresh greenery for a pop of colour and drape fairy lights up high for some sparkle. Our fabulously flexible micro lights are also a delicate decoration and can be styled however you like! Weave in and around elements on your kitchen top or entwine around a vase of flowers or foliage, tucking the battery box out of sight for a seamless finish.

Whether you’re hosting a sit down meal or enjoying a day of cooking, it’s important to make your kitchen a relaxing space for spending time in.