Easter Tablescape Décor

Written by: Grace Agar

Fairytale Gatherings

Step into a storybook springtime of all that is whimsical and bright; tea parties and Easter egg hunts, filled with joy and a wonderful sense of nostalgia as precious time together is shared, and memories are treasured for a lifetime. With Easter gatherings quickly approaching, we share our top picks to create a fairytale tablescape, perfect for all your springtime gatherings.

Charming Table Top Décor

Easter egg hunts lead down the garden path to a fairytale wonderland of delicate pinks and sweet treats displayed amidst a quaint tablescape. Mottled glass bunnies and the gentle flicker of pastel TruGlow® candlelight adorn tables, as lanterns and ribbon gently float in the springtime breeze overhead. With new designs of Easter bunny figures, micro garlands and pastel egg inspired wreaths arriving for Easter 2024,there’s something to add a seasonal touch to every tablescape both indoor and outdoor, for a whole host of Easter celebrations.

Enhance this delicate pastel colour pallet with vintage white tablecloths and ornate tableware. Blush TruGlow® pillar candles and small white metal lanterns dotted upon tabletops and antique books of wonderland tied with beautiful bows of ribbon and interwoven with delicate micro lights. Combining vintage touches with playful pastels is the perfect way to add a hint of whimsical charm to your Easter celebrations and create a fairytale tea party like no other.

Elevate Your Outdoor Dining

If you're dining outdoors this Easter, elevate your tablescape with an overhead display of white festoon lights swagged between treetops, discreetly securing in place with cable ties. Gather a selection of wide pastel ribbons, cut into an assortment of lengths, and tie around the surrounding tree branches. Mix and match different colours and lengths of the ribbon to create a magical display, and complete with pastel Tyvek solar lanterns hung above for an added touch of elegance.