Escape The Winter Chill This January

Written by: Ellie Cox

Make your interior warm for those chilly winter days! With Christmas over, it's time to get your home ready for the new year and refresh your space with some cosy additions. We're always sad to take down our Christmas lights and decorations once all the festivities are over, however we have the best way to beat those January blues and transition your home into a truly cosy sanctuary.

Winter Warmers

Create a warming environment to make your home a haven where you can relax and escape the winter weather.

LED candles will keep your home glowing throughout the chilly months. Larger chapel or triple wick candles can be used as a centrepiece for a display, whilst slim candles or smaller votive candles and tea lights are ideal for smaller spaces. Depending on the colour scheme and style of your interior, your choice of candles may vary. If your preference is modern, you may opt for pillar candles with a marble effect or a distressed finish. Whereas if it's a classic look you're after, taper candles are an alternative option for styling within your home and you can choose your own candelabras or candle stick holders to fit with your decor.

Candles suit every room and set the perfect atmosphere. Pop them on your bedside table for a warm glow whilst doing a bit of bedtime reading or sit them in your bathroom, setting the mood for those indulgent bubble baths we all love at this time of year.

Simplistic Styling

From big, bold Christmas decor to subtle and simplistic styling...January calls for a more stripped back look.

Your interior may begin to look a bit bare once the festive decorations have been taken down, but a few minimalistic touches can make all the difference! Swap your vibrant reds and greens for ivory and white to keep it clean and fresh. Replace your festive wreaths with smaller sprigs of foliage or flowers placed in a clear glass vase. Don't worry about filling all of the gaps on your mantel or shelving which were previously crammed with Christmas cards and festive decorations. Keep it simple and don't overcrowd your ledges. Bunch a few battery candles together or distribute them in between elements of your display to add a little light.

If you want to keep your Christmas cards up for a while longer, battery candles are super safe to sit by them as the LEDs remain cool. Alternatively, you can peg your cards to fairy lights to create a wall display or attach polaroids of your favourite snaps instead!

Snug Setting

You can achieve a seriously snug set-up by incorporating glowing features and warming hues.

Once the Christmas tree has been taken down you may be wondering what can take its place...but we have a simple solution! Lanterns offer the perfect indoor setting and fill your space effortlessly. Styling an assortment of indoor lanterns at differing heights will create an all round glowing display. Choose a selection of styles and sizes which complement one another for a more varied arrangement or simply opt for a matching duo of lanterns and sit side by side. Our TruGlow® candles can be placed within each lantern for a soft glow once darkness falls or for a more distinct look, you can fill it with micro lights to add sparkle!

Brass and natural materials such as dark washed wood are ideal for the winter season. Our Artisan lanterns combine a contemporary design with a rustic feel, with the fine glass and antique edging adding charm to your interior.

Inviting Workspace

Let's be honest, returning to work after the Christmas holidays is always a bit deflating!

When the festivities are over we all feel like we need a bit of cheering up again. Many of us are likely to be continuing to work from home at the start of the year, so why not brighten up your home office to make it an environment you don't mind working in. Office lighting will make your space more inviting and help to get you back into that productive mindset after your time off. Swap your festive tinsel for festoons and drape them across shelves to add a glow. Warm white bulbs will help to maintain subtle lighting, enabling you to keep your focus and not distract you from your work tasks.

If you prefer a bit more of a stand out piece, neon lights are ideal for filling your office wall and can be attached with ease. They also look great sat on your shelf as a decorative feature if a wall display isn't an option within your workspace.