February Home Styling Tips

Written by: Emily Rayner

Your home deserves a little love, too. From pretty-in-pink candles to pom-pom hearts, it's time to embrace all things romantic. A gentle palette of soft blush and ivory, paired with decorations of cotton, felt and fine glass, lends a classic, delicate feel to indoor spaces, as fresh florals and flower petals conjure up a wonderful dream of springtime.

Pretty in Pink

Welcoming soft pops of colour into your interior is a great way to give your home a little refresh to brighten up the winter days. Adding tones of pink and red instantly add a little warmth to your space whilst still keeping your décor cosy and inviting with their comforting romantic hues. Artificial flowers, LED candles and berry spring wreaths are perfect for introducing these colours to your space as they fill your home with the joy of the upcoming season whilst we patiently await spring to bloom outside.

Candlelit Glow

A great way to create a romantic ambience in your home is by adding the gentle flicker of a cosy candle. LED candles are a great alternative to real ones as they can be styled in a variety of different ways and are suitable for homes with pets or little hands. Made from real wax and with a ‘just lit’ appearance, our TruGlow® candles look elegant styled in indoor lanternsglass domes or on side tables to give your space a golden glow as you snuggle up each evening.

Feel the Love

Of course, the best way to add a little love into your home is by incorporating some heart décor into your styling. Heart lights and decorations are perfect staples for any home as they transcend the seasons and act as gentle reminders to show both your space and yourself some love this new year. The timeless shape can be gently added in bedrooms with heart fairy lights, wreaths on your doors, or even as tiny felt pieces dotted around your home.

Emily Rayner

Hi, I'm Emily! I love making the most of all the different seasons and sharing ideas for how you can transform your space to create the perfect ambience. I’ll provide some styling advice for how you can use some of our new and favourite products to create your dream home and garden.