Get Halloween Party Ready!

Written by: Emily Rayner

With the spooky season now upon us, we’ve compiled a collection of our favourite Halloween decorations to transform your house into the perfect party destination.

Party Pumpkins

Would a Halloween party really be complete without some pumpkins? As a great reusable option to carving your own, our light up pumpkins are mess free and look incredible anywhere in your home! We have a wide range of pumpkin decorations to choose from, whether you prefer traditional, spooky pumpkins or more subtle, creepily cute pumpkin fairy lights, there’s something to suit everyone's Halloween style.

Ghostly Guests

Parties aren’t just for the living…..impress your friends with our glowing ghouls! Whether you want a subtle touch of Halloween by adding tasteful fairy lights or are brave enough to invite Spooky Spencer to haunt your house, our spirit friends are sure to be the talk of the party.

Spooky Spiders

Creepy crawlies are a great way to give your guests a real fright this Halloween season! Unlike real spiders, our microlights look great entwined around other decorations for a spine-chilling setting. The 100 LED Light Up Spiders Web is a real showstopper; home to 3 mini colourful spiders, attach it to your windows with the suction hooks to light up your house with a cool yet eerie ambience. They're sure to be the spiders you won’t mind seeing in your home!

Light Up The Night

When hosting a Halloween party, creating the perfect scary atmosphere is key. We would recommend turning off your main lights and letting your Lights4fun products create the ultimate glow for you. Adding lights at different levels is a great way of creating the illusion of a brighter and bigger room. Place our glowing banner in higher areas of your space and position our Halloween lanterns and LED candles in lower spaces like on tables.

Now you have the styling tips, decorate your Halloween home and tag us in your pics on Instagram @lights4fun for a chance to be featured on our feed!