How Energy Efficient are Garden Lights?

Written by: Marketing Team

As the weather improves and we begin to spend more time in our gardens, we look for ways in which we can light up our outdoor space whilst still being energy and cost efficient. This summer, we don’t want to have to hold back when it comes to garden lighting and at Lights4fun, we understand the importance of choosing lights that won’t break the bank to run. Our top tip is to choose LED lights rather than traditional filament ones. LEDs use up to 75% less energy and as a result, don’t cost a lot to use. With this in mind, we’re sharing some advice on how to get the most out of your money and find the perfect lights for your outdoor space.

Solar Powered Lights

Solar lights are the perfect way to light up your garden with what we naturally have, the sun! They have little to no running costs and will automatically illuminate as the sun begins to set, creating a charming after dark glow. The ease of solar allows you to make the most of summer nights outdoors with those you love the most, without having to worry about turning them off before heading inside. The smart technology in our solar lighting helps to create a hassle-free experience that you can always rely on. Best for use in the summer months, our solar lights soak up the sun during the day and can provide 6-8 hours of illumination at night. We have a wide range of solar powered garden lights including lanterns, festoons and fairy lights, meaning you can choose whichever product is best for your space.

Plug In Lights

Our plug in garden lights cost as little as 5p* a week to use, meaning you can enjoy entertaining outside all summer long without having to worry about extra costs. Whether you’re looking for the subtle sparkle of fairy lights or the classic glow of festoons, you can easily brighten up your space with our range of plug in lights. Adorn festoons above your outdoor seating area or hang on walls to gently light up your garden. We recommend choosing low voltage options for use around pets and little ones, helping you to put your mind at ease whilst you enjoy your space.

*Calculated based on 6 hours use per day, using the average electricity unit rate of 34 pence per kWh. Rates may vary depending on payment method, meter type and region. Example product ML10YWB.

Battery Operated Lights

If you’re lighting up a smaller space or hard-to-reach area, our outdoor battery lights are the perfect solution for you. Our battery lights all come with an optional 6 hour timer, allowing for battery longevity and ease of use, whilst also helping you save some money along the way. Watch as your lights turn on, creating the perfect summer ambience in your outdoor space. Choose from candles, lanterns, festoons and fairy lights to create an enchanting outdoor set-up. Our innovative waterproof TruGlow® Outdoor candle range mimics the appearance of a real flickering flame and with 1200 hours of shine time, is the perfect addition to your garden display. Place in trios on outdoor tables or style around your garden to create an enchanting, fairy tale escape.