How to Style a Cosy Autumn Tablescape

Written by: Emily Rayner

Cold rainy days and long dark nights means it’s finally acceptable to get the blankets out, dust off your pumpkins and snuggle up as we welcome in the cosy autumn evenings.

At this time of year, we can find comfort in many things; the soft glow of candles, the roaring crackle from your fireplace and, most importantly, good hearty food. Whilst this blog isn’t about autumn recipes (we are still a lighting company) it will help you recreate our autumn dining table styling and our DIY branch centrepiece for you to enjoy your meals while soaking up all of autumn’s delights with those you love most.

Create a Warm Base

The first step to creating a cosy autumn tablescape is by laying the foundations. Rustic tones and textures are great at instantly adding some warmth to your home so we begin by laying down a hessian table cloth to protect your table and create a fabric base.  Next take an autumn garland adorned with your favourite colours and leaves, and carefully run it along the length of your table, teasing the foliage to create a natural look. Choosing a garland with lots of autumn tones welcomes the outdoors into your home and encapsulates the beauty of the cosy season.

"Embrace the natural magic of the harvest season and bring your home to life with pumpkins, squashes, and garlands of autumn leaves, uplifting your home for the cosy season ahead."

- Lucy Kirk, Creative & Photography Manager

Include Differing Heights

Introducing height into your autumn table display is a great way to save space and create dimension to your styling. Use wooden cake stands to place delicious food or light up pumpkins to bring your attention upwards, and nestle other food and décor pieces around the cake stand to give the illusion of more space.

Add a Golden Glow

Of course, an autumn tablescape wouldn’t be complete without the addition of a warm and inviting glow. TruGlow® LED candles are a super safe alternative to real candles and are perfect for dining tables so you and your guests can freely tuck in and pass around your delicious dishes with complete peace of mind. Light up pumpkins are also a firm favourite for autumn decorating adding to the cosy ambience as you dine in style.

Create a DIY Showstopper

Finally, add a showstopping touch of nature to your space with a charming DIY Hanging Branch. Take an autumn garland, filled with the colours of the season, and carefully tease out the foliage to enhance its natural beauty. Entwine micro lights around the garland, adding depth to your space by creating a warm and cosy glow. Suspend the garland from your ceiling using a sturdy rope, or command hooks and fishing wire and hang it above your table. For an extra touch of magic, gather small leaves and attach them to clear wire, suspending them at varying heights from the branch to create a delicate floating effect. Finally, switch on the micro lights to bring the entire display to life, casting a soft and enchanting ambience which flows throughout the room.