How to Style Your Spring Wreath

Written by: Emily Rayner

With the weather getting warmer and the flowers beginning to bloom, it’s the perfect time to add a little spring refresh to your décor with our selection of spring wreaths.

Once you’ve received your favourite wreath in the post, you might be wondering how to style it like it looks on site, so we’ve got you covered with our handy 3 step wreath styling guide and video to keep your décor piece looking fresh and full all season long!

Step 1: Tease the Branches

Carefully take your wreath out of its box and lay on a flat surface. Start to tease the foliage by folding out the branches for a thick and fuller look. Try to fluff the branches out whilst still trying to keep to the original shape of the frame to make your wreath look just like the ones on site. If you’ve chosen a design with flowers, bring these to the front to show off their delicate pops of colour.

Step 2: Add Lights

Adding lights to your wreath creates a stunning seasonal sparkle that gives your home a cosy glow throughout the spring evenings. Simply add 3 AA batteries to your micro lights and pop the battery box into a neutral linen bag. Wrap the lights around your wreath, trying to get even coverage as you go. Next, bend out any flowers from beneath the lights to keep the full and textured look.

Step 3: Tie to the Frame & Style

Finally, turn your wreath over and use the drawstring on the linen bag to tie the battery box to your wreath's frame to keep it hidden from view. After this simply use a door hanger to style your wreath and set the handy 6 hour timer for an enchanting golden glow every single night!

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