Hunker Down In The Great Indoors

Written by: Grace Agar

A winter celebration of the wonderful indoors, and all the treasures that can be found there.

As we hunker down and enjoy the slowness of the season, these winter months are all about embracing the stillness and calm we find indoors. Take the pressure off this new year by setting achievable intentions rather than set resolutions. As we look ahead to a hopeful year, we share our top tips on how to begin the new year with purpose. 

New year, same you.  

Although the new year normally comes with high expectations to set yourself an abundance of goals, take the pressure off this January by setting one goal of investing in yourself, whatever that may mean to you. Make your home your wellness sanctuary; take time on an evening to set your candles glowing, roll out your mat and relax into a soft flow of yoga or meditation. The perfect way to unwind and gently introduce movement, this wellness habit is an easy way to welcome routine back into the new year.

Warm Inside, Cold Outside.  

Discover your escape and embrace the rainy days in the comfort of your home. Whilst howling gales blow outside, find warmth in front of a roaring fire, or hunker down to read by the window. Reconnect with your creative mind by getting lost in a new book; alighting your imagination and focusing on reflection and hope for the year ahead. Enhance the experience by creating a nook away from your usual living space; whether that be an armchair in a cosy corner or immersing a snug room with dark wood and ivory candles to introduce natural textures and antique touches that make your home an indoor sanctuary.  

Time To Rest 

Find your balance this winter solstice by taking the time to relax and recharge. Where we can often feel depleted in these long winter months, take the time to rest and look after yourself as we eagerly await the arrival of spring. Sleep is your chance to let your body heal and recuperate as well as supporting our mental and emotional wellbeing. Make your bedroom an inviting retreat with soft warm white lighting from fairy lights and the homely glow of candlelight; setting them on a timer to illuminate your room each night at the same time, to encourage an evening ritual that you will see through the whole year.