Long Exposure Light Art Photography with Battery Lights

Written by: Ben Naughton

Fairy lights aren’t just for Christmas – we love seeing people using our lights in creative and exciting ways all year round, and long exposure photography is one of our favourites. Using a tripod, a slow shutter speed and a few sets of Lights4fun coloured LED battery fairy lights, Swansea-based Scott has created some stunning light art that he publishes to his Instagram account, to international acclaim

Light photography of 2 multicoloured light domes.

We love how Scott has created his light art against urban backdrops, like a skate park half-pipe, a playground, and an old bandstand. The ‘dome’ effect was achieved by attaching fairy lights to a bicycle wheel and spinning at a 45 degree angle. Scott has also worked with wire wool and his SLR to produce the mesmerising images below – the wire wool was stuffed into a whisk, the whisk tied to a length of rope, and the wire wool set on fire before being swung around with the camera set to a long exposure (please don’t try this at home unless you absolutely know what you’re doing!)

2 multicoloured light domes with a black backdrop
A multicoloured light dome against a black setting
A ball of light on a beach at night.