Spare Bulbs For Christmas Lights

Written by: Ben Naughton

Over the years we have been endlessly asked for spare bulbs for Christmas lights for various brands of lights including our own. We don’t stock spare bulbs for any Christmas lights… but this is with good reason!

If you’re looking to replace a broken or old set of Christmas lights, you’d probably be better purchasing a new set of energy efficient LEDs which don’t need replacement bulbs. All our LED products have bulbs sealed for added longevity and durability in all weather conditions. For the full benefits of LED lights, see our buying guide.

If you’re really finding it difficult to source spare bulbs for your 1999 Woolworths, mains voltage looped Christmas tree lights there’s a really good reason. Old fashioned Christmas lights are old technology and potentially really dangerous in your home. Most lighting today comes under stricter certification in production and is safe for indoor use, due to the use of low powered transformers and super safe LED bulbs. You’ll find it difficult to find pointy bulb Xmas lights in most good quality retailers as they are a huge safety risk for you in your home.

Lights on a Christmas tree with neutral wrapped presents below the tree.
Close up of Christmas tree lights on a branch.