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Why Choose LED Lights?

Written by: Anna McGurk

LED lights are king! Not only are they stupendously more energy efficienct than normal filament bulbs, they’re cheaper to run and do not emit heat so are far safer to use too! Also on average, you can expect a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours of illumination from LED lights.

What is an LED anyway?

An LED (light emitting diode) is actually a chip on a circuit - that means it's not a bulb so there is nothing to break inside. This is why LEDs are ideal for garden lighting and solar powered lights as they can be dropped and handled without risk of breaking. Think a very windy Scottish highlands winter and you'll imagine how popular LEDs are there as in many different parts of the UK.

Are they cheap to run?

Although an LED product usually has a higher purchase cost, the efficiency in comparison to filament bulb alternatives is dramatic. LED string lights use around 90% less power than it's older counterpart, saving you a serious amount of money on your power bills.

Are they safe?

Sorry to be a snore, but safety is paramount. An LED, unlike a traditional filament bulb, generates very little heat and for most indoor low voltage lights, no heat at all. Thus making our lights and flameless candles perfect for use in furnishings and fabrics around your home or event. While this might seem a small consideration, it's especially important for health and safety requirements if you're planning an event.