Summer Doorway

Written by: Flo Oldridge

Greet your guests red carpet style and spruce up your doorway for summer! Start by refreshing with a splash of paint. The different tones of grey are still super popular, with many shades of green and blue peaking their way onto the trends palette for 2021. Illuminate and accessorise for the season with the help of our following top tips…

Functional Wall Lights

Create a grand entrance starting with our outdoor wall lights. Mains powered and suitable for use all year round, they provide a guaranteed illumination day in, day out. Fix two matching lights parallel to each other on either side of your door frame. Position them around around 1/3 of the way down from the top of your door to bring a symmetrical shine across the face of your home. Not only do they supply a pretty glow, they're super practical too providing extra visibility when entering your home. Built to last the test of time , they are suitable in all weather conditions too!


Decorative Wreaths

Wreaths aren’t just for Christmastime, continue to dress your doorway all year round and bring a seasonal touch to your entrance this summer! Traditionally wreaths boast festive foliage, mixed berries and dried fruit, but why not try pairing crisp green leaves with your favourite blooming buds. Plants and greenery are known to welcome happiness and lift your spirits, even on the gloomiest of summer days. Artificial wreaths offer the added bonus of lasting all summer long and being able to display them year after year! Loop over the top and hang centrally on your front door for all guests and passers-by to enjoy. Opt for one of our artificial wreaths and pair with a ribbon of your choice to add a personal touch and perfectly complement your door style and colour.


Trees & Troughs

Extend the greenery by adding trees and troughs outside your doorway. Bay trees are a super popular choice, positioned underneath your wall lights to create an admirable shadow. Fairy lights can be used to bring a cosy and welcoming entrance on summer evenings. Wrap around your trees to bring them to life as the sun goes in. A little guidance to get you started; we recommend 50 LED micro lights for a small topiary.

Bring a little character to your troughs with our stake lights. Naturally powered by solar, the animals and flowers boast a pop of colour into the entrance of your home.


We'd love to see your summer doorways all lit up! Tag us in your pictures on Instagram for a chance to feature on our blogs and emails using @lights4fun or #lights4fun