Summerhouse Styling

Written by: Grace Agar

Extend Your Living Space Outdoors

Relish the English summertime and extend your living space outdoors, embellishing summerhouses, greenhouses or conservatories alike with a wonderful warm glow. Savoring the essence of the good life, taking time to soak up the sun and making the most of precious time spent in the garden. Whilst the British summer is short and weather often temperamental, curate a space that provides welcome shade on sunnier midsummer days, and a shelter from the clouds on gloomier ones, but always making the most of getting outdoors.

Styling Your Summerhouse

Illuminate your summerhouse to make the most of summer evenings, surrounded by a gentle warm glow. Begin by styling connectable string lights along either side of the glass, starting from one end of the building and threading the lights back and forth. Tie the string lights to the metal frame or panelling using floristry wire at various points to ensure a secure display. As the sun begins to set, the lights will cast a magical reflection all around, creating the perfect space to while away a long summer evening. 

The Finishing Touches

Complete your display with delicate hanging lanterns hung above and a selection of metal candle lanterns styled in abundance beside your comfy seating area. Layer with vintage cushions and blankets, pretty posies in little jars and the gentle flicker of TruGlow® candles. Opt for a calming colour palette to keep the space light and airy but opt for curated clutter to create a homely atmosphere that follows the style of your home.