Christmas Window Styling - The Season of Sharing

Written by: Emily Rayner

T’is the season of sharing. As we gather together to make merry memories, we look forward to reconnecting with our loved ones and embracing the festive season of sharing. We share the good times as we cosy up next to the fire, we share the love as we place presents by the Christmas tree adorned in festive lights, and we share our homes by welcoming friends and family to houses full of Christmas decorations, both inside and out.

Sharing our Homes

From joyous Christmas celebrations to quiet wintery evenings beside the fire, we look to spend special moments together with loved ones as the festive season draws near. Carry the Christmas cheer throughout your home this year by inviting a warm glow to fill your home with some cosy Christmas magic. Place LED candles throughout your home on side tables and windowsills and add a seasonal sparkle to your walls with our Osby stars for a comforting warm white shine.

Sharing the Festive Spirit

Spread warmth and the magical essence of Christmas from the inside out this winter through an abundance of light that offers joy to all who pass by. Decorate your windowsills with Christmas garlands and mini Christmas trees to add rich hues of forest green that welcomes the outdoors in. The soft glow of icicle lights delicately hung from up above, and the gentle flicker of candlelight within uplifts each home as the longer nights set in, and we’re reminded, by their golden glow, of the warmth and cosiness to be found in the very depths of the colder months.

Share the Love

Embrace the time spent together this Christmas and make joyous moments you’ll treasure forever. Gather around the table and enjoy your dinner illuminated by Christmas table decorations as you laugh over memories from the years that have passed. Watch your loved ones' faces light up with joy when opening the Christmas gifts in the glow of Christmas tree lights and snuggle down at night with games or films and enjoy the twinkling of your star lights for a touch of Christmas magic.

Emily Rayner

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