Top Trending Lights For 2021

Written by: Ellie Cox

Get your home on-trend! From dazzling neon lights to calming LED candles to geometric fairy lights, there are different types of lighting for every room. Discover which lights are trending for this year...

Neon Lights

Since it first came onto the scene in the 1990s, neon has definitely made a comeback over recent years and especially for 2021! Neon lights have continued to grow in popularity, becoming a go-to feature for uplifting rooms with their vivid look. The social media platform Pinterest has recently seen a surge in people searching for the term 'neon' when seeking home decor inspiration, proving that homeowners appear to have taken a keen interest in this style.

Our Warm White Carnival Festoons are simple yet contemporary, introducing a glowing look to any room. These suit any season and can be displayed so easily! If you opt for plug-in don't worry about being out of reach of the plug socket, the generous lead wire will make sure you have plenty of length to pop your lights in the best spot. Brighten your cabinets or wardrobes by draping the festoons along the top and letting them hang down at either end, before switching them on to highlight the edges with a soft glow. If you prefer a bit more pizazz and vitality, multi coloured festoons will add a more fun look to your space. They're perfect for livening up garden parties during the warmer spring and summer months and our Multi Coloured Festival Festoons can be hung high above your outdoor set-up, creating the ultimate party atmosphere! They look great during the day when the sun is shining and will illuminate with a colourful shine once darkness falls, so you can continue your celebrations into the evening.

Fairy Lights

We're often looking for ways we can make those final finishing touches to our homes and delicate smaller lights are a great way to achieve this! Fairy lights and micro lights continue to be on-trend, with the ability to alter your choice of lights throughout the year as we transition through the different seasons. These smaller lights offer plenty of styling opportunities, with various designs and colours to opt for depending on your style and space.

Geometric designs remain popular in interior design. Patterns with interlocking tessellating shapes are often viewed as being visually stimulating and considered a firm favourite in home decor. Our Diamond Fairy Lights make a stand out decoration, with the geometric cage pendants adding detail to indoor spaces. Alternatively, for the minimalist home, micro lights are also trending and provide a subtle finishing touch whilst also being simple to style. Our Bead Micro Lights are an elegant feature for filling those smaller spaces on ledges & shelves and can be twisted into shape with ease. Once spring approaches, you're likely to start thinking about your outdoor space and transforming it into somewhere you can truly enjoy spending time in. You can make the most of those warmer evenings by incorporating lighting into elements of your space, creating an inviting ambience once the sun starts to set. Our Butterfly Micro Lights are a charming decoration for flower beds and will help to bring them to life once dusk falls.

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