Uni Room Decor

Written by: Flo Oldridge

Going to uni in September? Moving to a new city, making new friends and adjusting to a completely new routine can be somewhat overwhelming. Ensuring your space is a home from home hub brings comfort and ease as you start to settle in. Decorate in style with snippets of home and complete with mood fitting lighting for all occasions.

Zen Den

Halls of residence lighting can be super bright and pretty harsh on your eyes. It is cleverly done to give you the power to focus on your studying and stay awake through the build up to your coursework deadline day! Soften the lighting with the use of warm white fairy lights. Drape from window to wall inside your room, using them as an alternative glow. When the studying is complete and it’s time for some self care, pop on your LED candles. Set their timer to begin flickering at the same time each evening to notify you it's time for some downtime! Introducing a much softer glow, they are super safe to have around all your fancy dress fabrics! Don’t worry if you leave them on whilst you head out, they will continue to glow until their batteries run low.

Complete your zen den with a touch of home. Photo walls are a super popular addition to your plain magnolia walls whilst allowing that little nostalgic feeling blossom inside. Connect little pegs to our indoor string lights to showcase a design of your choice. Whether it’s a string of photos of the family dog or holiday pictures with friends, they are sure to make you feel comforted as you begin this new chapter of life!

Party Place

A relaxing sanctuary and appropriate studying hub are essential to have, but not forgetting the party place too! Get to know your flat mates by gathering everyone round with a few drinks and light up your dorm to bring the club vibes back home! Our neon lights are a great place to start by adding bright colour to your walls and character to your home. Complete with multi coloured micro lights, paper plates and funky cups in hand and you are good to go!

Top Tip

Many university accommodation halls restrict the use of plug-in lighting, but that won’t stop you bringing your place to life! Opt for battery powered lights with LED bulbs to take the worry away.