Your Christmas Garden

Written by: Ella Carpenter

How to give your garden a Christmas glow, in an instant!

This week, we're on hand to help you illuminate your winter garden. Whether you want to light up your entire outdoor space or just spread a little magic around your front door, we're here to offer our little tips and tricks!

Christmas Figures

Christmas figures are the easiest way to give your garden the wow factor! There's little effort involved in styling and they're showstopping when lit, often becoming the children’s favourite memory of Christmas. They're able to be placed anywhere but are particularly suited to lawn areas or soft soil where they can be secured into the ground, our advice is to use tent pegs to secure them. Pop the plug into your socket and away you go, it's as easy as that! Choose warm white if you like a traditional feel, or opt for the crisp bright white for a contemporary look. That said, there are no rules, it's just down to whichever you prefer. We recommend generally sticking to one colour of Christmas lights if you're lighting up more than one element of your garden, to tie the look together more effectively.

No Power? No Problem!

If a power source isn’t available, opt for battery operated Christmas figures, so that you can still join in the fun. These Christmas garden lights are the ideal solution, and have the added benefit of being able to be moved around easily to different places in the garden. These days, the product is very reliable, too, and if it has a timer built in, you don’t have the hassle of having to switch the display off late at night.

Decorations, Shapes & Stars

There's a huge array of outdoor Christmas decorations available, and so there's something for every style. For a traditional look, star lights are a festive favourite, and really do emphasize the magic of Christmas. If you are looking for something bang on trend, neon outdoor Christmas decorations are proving very popular this year. The flat nature of the design means that these look particularly effective against a wall or building. Some neon lights are suited to sticking into the ground, and look best displayed from front to back in a staggered display.

Projector Lights

Projector lights are increasingly popular and the designs are growing in number. They're super simple to use and give the most impressive display. Uniquely, they're not confined to outdoor use, you can pop them in your home too, so great for parties. Children in particular love these as they look like a magical scene, moving endlessly, and giving the perfect atmosphere for Santa’s arrival. Many are supplied with a ground stake, so simple to place in the ground in front of your home. For indoor use, switch to the flat base, so that it can stand on the floor in the corner of your room.

Written by: Ella Carpenter

Category: Christmas

Posted on June 03, 2019

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