Add a contemporary glow to your space with our Osby lights collection

Made with a minimalist frame design with a cosy and comforting glow, our collection of Osby lights is sure to transform your home into the ultimate haven throughout the year. Style your lights in windows, on walls, your mantlepiece or even as part of your outdoor lights display for a warm and inviting ambience every evening.

Discover our Osby lights collection

What started out as a simple Osby star has developed into so much more. Now coming in different coloured frames, sizes and designs, the Osby star collection has expanded in to moon, heart and snowflake shapes to keep your home looking effortlessly chic throughout every season. We’ve even designed a special blue Osby star light specifically for the children’s charity Starlight with all profits made going to the incredible charity.

Why choose Lights4fun for your lights?

Since 2003 we’ve become experts in our field of lighting and our Osby collection is no exception. We only sell top quality products and offer a two-year warranty on all our Osby lights so you can use your products year after year.