2015's Three Biggest Wedding Theme Trends

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Wedding season is here, a whole summer of celebrating the beautiful union of two people – and some fantastic parties afterwards, right? We’re not going to lie, weddings have become competitive sport with everybody wanting to one-up their friends. We’ve seen some seriously spectacular weddings with equally awesome wedding lighting, but there’s a whole world of nuptials out there. So just how do you decide on a decorative wedding theme with so many to choose from?

Easy, we’ve painstakingly picked out the three biggest wedding trends for this year; read on to be truly inspired…

Floral Fancy

Flowers for a wedding is nothing new but the new florals see outrageously bold flower displays take centre stage. Think multi-coloured bouquets with untamed wild flowers or rare blooms, full flower wall displays a la Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, and real flowers appearing even on cakes.

Married couple at wedding

A unique ombre flower wall. Wild flowers also make a beautiful centrepieces

Wedding cake with fruit and rose decorations

Gorgeous blooms look 'sweet' on a cake!

Bell jar with floral display inside

Use traditional glass cloches to display floral decorations

Festoons hanging above outdoor dinner party table

Wild flowers make a beautiful centrepieces

Pom Pom Party

One of the simplest yet most effective decorative methods you can employ is to go crazy with some pom poms – it’s astounding what a bit of tissue paper can do! Not only will they wow you and your guest but are ridiculously inexpensive; so you get a lot of pom pom for your pound.

Pom poms hung above wedding tables with fairy lights illuminated around the room

Fairylights and pom poms

Pom poms and streamers styled as part of wedding decor

Pair pom poms and streamers

Pink and cream pom poms and streamers decorating outdoor wedding

Pink and cream are a winning combo

Multi coloured wool pom poms hung outside

Make your own with wool

Beautiful Barn Dance

The venue du jour for weddings this year is a rustic barn – but forget hay bales and wellies. It’s easy to create chic, elegant weddings in a wooden barn! Use clever decorations and plenty of swagged lights, like our best-selling and you can easily achieve a warm, welcoming, vintage-inspired look.

Barn wedding with bunting and festoons displayed above tables

Barn bunting and fairy lights

Couple getting married in barn with festoons hung above them

A western-style wedding with festoons and lanterns

Festoons hung above outdoor wedding table

Warm and inviting fairy lights

Curtain light displayed in barn with bunting and table for two at wedding

Curtain lights make the perfect backdrop