Bedroom Fairy Light Ideas: From Vintage to Quirky

Written by: Ella Carpenter

There’s no doubt your bedroom should be the cosiest room in your home; after all, it’s the place you rest your head every night. Add a touch of cosiness and warmth with a string of bedroom fairy lights, curtain lights or even festoon lights. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite images and bedroom fairy light ideas, all filtered by style of bedroom, for added inspiration.

Vintage & Shabby Chic Bedroom Fairy Light Ideas

Add a touch of twinkle to your vintage or shabby chic bedroom using simple strings of plain indoor fairy lights. Wrap them around your bed frame for that rustic touch or drape them around a mirror for some added sparkle.If you're fond of mirror dressing, you may like our dainty which look stunning draped around a vintage mirror. They give off a gorgeous warm glow and look equally lovely when they are switched off.If you’re searching for something even more atmospheric, purchase some to fall behind some vintage white net curtains for a beautiful ambience at night. Curtain lights also look fabulous hung on top of a canopy above a bed, perfect for a little girl who’s always dreamt of her own fairyland-style bedroom.

Add pink fairy lights to your shabby chic pad.

Vintage rose fairy lights.

Warm white fairy lights around a vintage mirror.

This wreath looks fab on any shabby chic furnishing.

Girly Bedroom Fairy Light Ideas

We absolutely love these girly bedroom fairy light ideas, all of which can be achieved with some simple indoor fairy lights.Play about with some floral fabric and create your own fairy light-covered tent or some cheap white netting or fabric to hang above your bed for that super feminine touch. If you’re thinking about creating a canopy, you could even used multi-coloured or pink fairy lights depending on how girly you want to go!

Beautiful girly bedroom with fairy light canopy.

Fairy light tent using strings of super-safe LED fairy lights.

Old Filigree Hearts by Lights4fun

Create your own fairy light curtains.

Fairy light tent using strings of super-safe LED fairy lights.

Minimal & Modern Bedroom Fairy Light Ideas

If you a real minimalist or lover of all things modern then you could opt for a string of festoon lights somewhere in your bedroom. are the perfect match for a monochrome bedroom and would also look great in a contemporary studio apartment or strung against a white wall. If your bedroom has subtle tones of black and white then a string of festoon lights on black cable would be a perfect fit. Looking for a splash of colour? We have multi coloured festoon lights too!If you’d wish to enhance the light in your room even further, you could also try winding some white fairy lights around your bed frame or a mirror; use some bright white LED fairy lights on clear cable for a clean, tidy and minimalistic look, which will freshen up your room instantly.

These festoon lights look fabulous with monochrome.

String lights used on the ceiling.

Quirky Bedroom Fairy Light Ideas

We absolutely love this house fairy light wall headboard and think this would give any bedroom a quirky touch. Play about with different shapes and see what you can make; make sure you purchase fairy lights that are long enough for the task!You could even create your own fairy light wall like we did using warm white fairy lights. Simply drape the lights over some small picture hooks and hang photos from some mini pegs. Keep it quirky using colourful photos and even birthday cards or, if you want a real vintage feel, use black and white or sepia photos for that old-school look. Find out how to achieve a in just under ten minutes.

Quirky bedroom light headboard.

Unique fairy light wall using 100 LED fairy lights.

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