Behind The Scenes of our Summer Shoot

Written by: Ella Carpenter

It’s almost time for us to reveal our summer 2015 campaign ‘Those Summer Lights’ with all our super (if we do say so ourselves) new lights.

Of course campaigns don’t just happen, the Lights4fun team have been busy for months getting ready for summer. From the buying team and founder Tim finding beautiful lights and decorations to the marketing team dreaming and delivering the shoot plan it’s been a long journey. Our wonderful stylist and photographer (Lucy Gough and Ollie Perrot) came to work with Lights4fun for the second year running and we can’t wait to show you the finished photos.

While on the shoot the team had to endure the famously temperamental Yorkshire weather, there was a small storm to contend with, but the sun shone in the end and we captured some stunning images to show you of our latest garden lights. During May and June we’ll be showcasing our glorious inspirational photography on the blog and throughout our website along with quick tips to make your outdoor entertaining magical this summer.

Camper van with festoons, solar stakes and flowers.

Claude' the vintage Citroen H van

2 black retrievers on a blanket outside.

Millie and Lulu our flatcoated retrievers

People making pom poms outside.

Founder Tim and Emily making pom poms

Van with festoons with a photography light.

Stylist Lucy's incredible work

2 retriever dogs eating of of plates on a hay bale.

Lulu and Millie break for lunch

A shout out to office dogs Millie and Lulu who acted as models and distractions throughout the shoot.

The ‘Those Summer Lights’ campaign and our new collection will be revealed next week – so stay tuned…

Person holding photography equipment on shoot.

Marketing director Matt getting stuck in as photographer.

Person taking photographs of the product setting.

The dream team setting the scene.

Founders smiling inside a van with festoons.

Founder Tim and Emily making pom poms

Long distance shot of the photoshoot set up.

Stylist Lucy's incredible work

Photo of the inside of the van.

Lulu and Millie break for lunch

Meet The Team

Here's the Lights4fun team having a well-earned refreshment, along with a spot of topping up the tan. The team consisted of Sheree, Tim, Jo, Matt & Emily (Lights4fun) with Lucy (stylist) and Ollie (photographer).

Founders smiling inside a van with festoons.

Meet the Lights4fun team. and Jean Claude,our Citroen H Van.