Celebrate New Year's Eve at Home

Written by: Ellie Cox

Whilst we may not be able to celebrate New Year how we normally would this year, we can still make the most of the evening at home. Dressing your space for the occasion with New Year's Eve lights is sure to create the perfect party atmosphere and help to bring in the New Year in style! If you're struggling for ideas & wondering how you'll spend it at home, look no further...

Decorative Drinks Stations

Since we're unable to go out to bars to celebrate this year, why not create your own drinks station at home?

It can be as simple as a side table in your living or dining room, which can be decorated with a few finishing touches. LED candles are perfect, as there's no risk of any flame related mishaps if they get knocked accidentally during your celebrations! Breakfast bars or kitchen tops work just as well. Glass domes filled with micro lights are a great feature for your drinks area and are perfectly suited to New Year's Eve, adding a classy look to your decor. Arrange a selection of your favourite beverages for people to help themselves - if you're not near a fridge you can use ice buckets to keep your drinks cool or you could even purchase a mini fridge for the occasion.

It's important to keep your styling simple and to not overcrowd the display, ensuring you leave plenty of space to put your drinks and snacks on there too. Once you're happy with your finished look, all that's left to do is pop the prosecco and get the night started!

Add A Touch Of Sparkle

You can create the ultimate sparkling setting to set the mood for celebrating at home!

Drape white curtain lights from staircases or along walls to create the perfect wintery backdrop for the evening. With 8 different lighting effects to choose from including static, twinkle or fade, our curtain lights are a showstopping addition to any home for New Year. Fairy lights have just as good an impact if curtain lights aren't your thing and you prefer to tone it down a bit. Entwine them along your bannister or hang them up in the room you'll be spending most time in, so you can enjoy them throughout the night. They're sure to add to the atmosphere once the lights go down and illuminate your space when the celebrations begin!

If you're looking to get even more creative, we have a super easy New Year's Eve DIY for you. Simply wrap micro lights around some white or silver balloons to create a unique decoration and scatter them around your home to add even more sparkle.

Wine & Dine In Style

Who said you can't wine and dine in style in the comfort of your own home?

Transform your dining room with a New Year's Eve makeover! As the festive season begins to phase out slowly towards New Year, the transition from bold Christmas colours to more subtle decor starts to take place. For a more minimal dining table look, opt for a neutral coloured table cloth paired with ivory candles to keep it subtle. Table decorations incorporating shades such as silver, grey & gold are also well suited to New Year. Ombre candles look super effective and are a great feature for your table centrepiece. Pillar candles can be grouped together at differing heights or you can choose taper candles as a more elegant alternative to set the scene.

Whether you have a sit down meal or buffet styled food, the dining table is sure to take centre stage! Our DIY foliage chandelier is a great statement piece to tie the room together, it's so simple to do and ideal if you're looking to go all out with your styling this year.

Make It An Event At Home

Who needs to go out for New Year? With a bit of planning and decoration, you can make it an event at home just as easily!

With larger events cancelled, we won't be able to enjoy those yearly traditions we love so much - such as snuggling down on the sofa to watch the London fireworks at midnight. However, this doesn't mean you can't create your own events at home this year. You can plan a family games night, creating your own pub quiz and taking score to see who gets the most questions right. As an alternative to fireworks, you can put together the most exciting light display instead! Whether you choose to dress your trees with string lights in your garden or create your own indoor illuminations, you can make it a surprise for your family and do a big reveal on the night.

If you prefer a more chilled night, indoor lanterns are the perfect way to set the mood and can be sat alongside your fireplace to add to the warmth of the room. Get yourself cosy, pop on a film of your choice and sit back and relax with a glass of fizz or a cuppa.