Christmas Crafts Perfect for Children

Written by: Anna McGurk

Whilst your little ones are at home over the Christmas Holidays it can be tricky to find the time in all the Christmas chaos! Our Christmas crafts are child friendly and super easy to recreate at home. Here’s a step-by-step guide for you and your little ones to follow.

Snowman Tealights

You will need...
LED Tea Lights
Coloured Card
Marker Pens
Blu Tack or glue

Tea light snowmen add a touch of fun to any home at Christmas, they’re super simple to make and get little ones involved with some Christmas crafts over the festive season. Apart from the tea lights, all the extras you’ll need you should hopefully have around the house!

Starting with a tea light as a blank canvas, you can add as much or little personality as you would like to the little candles. We’d recommend coloured card in festive colours such as green & red, or one that fits to the Christmas interior in your home.

Simply cut the card into hat shapes for each snowman, you could even add glitter for some seasonal sparkle. Secure with glue or opt for Blu Tack if you would like to reuse the tea lights. Use the marker pens to add eyes and a mouth as a finishing touch! These can be used as fun name place settings for Christmas dinner, or can even be used as a festive night light on Christmas eve.

Snow Jar

You will need...
Snow Spray
Micro Lights
Sticky Back Paper
A Glass Jar

Nothing says Christmas quite like snow, but it isn’t always guaranteed, bring some magical frost into your home with our handy snow spray. Whilst snow spray is mostly used to give an icy effect to windows, it also makes for a quick Christmas craft.

To create this illuminated Christmas decoration simply cut out shapes on sticky back card to whatever your style, stars and snowmen are our favourite festive shapes! Stick straight onto the jar and spray the snow. We recommend adding the snow spray from at least 30cm away, once you’re happy with the coverage peel away!

The final step is to fill your Jar with micro lights for a firefly effect or place an LED tea light in the base for a cosy glow on a winter's evening. Snow jars are perfect for lining windowsills or perched on mantel pieces to finish your Christmas decor.

We would love to see your finished looks! Tag us in your festive fun on Instagram@lights4fun.