Cottagecore Inspired Summer House Styling

Written by: Emily Rayner

Summerhouses and 'she sheds' have soared in popularity over recent years, and 2022 is no different! Add charming character to your summerhouse by taking inspiration from the famous Cottagecore trend and watch your garden come to life.

If you haven't heard about the Cottagecore trend yet, it is known as an 'internet aesthetic' first making waves on TikTok and growing into a globally-recognised trend by 2019. It consists of embracing a simple, rustic approach to your lifestyle and can be easily translated into home and garden styling by incorporating natural materials such as flowers, artisan textures and greenery to create a relaxing summer evening.

Bring the Outdoors In

The beauty of decorating a summerhouse is that you get to style both indoors and out, creating a seamless transition between the two. A key way to incorporate the outdoors in is by adding touches of greenery in your interior. Artificial flowers and plants are great at achieving this and are an effective, low maintenance solution to create a fresh and vibrant feel to your space. Faux plants are also effective in creating height in your home by mixing potted plants placed at floor level, with smaller hanging plants at eye level and completing the look with small, tabletop plants on shelves and windowsills to bring your space to life. For a little extra comfort to your space, entwine warm white micro lights through your foliage to brighten up your space and add a sweet summer sparkle.

Add Texture and Height

To continue the relaxing ambience outside of your summerhouse, dress the door and porch area with textured foliage and lights. Fern wreaths are a simple yet effective way to welcome you in style and add a cosy statement to your outdoor space. You can continue the fresh green aesthetic by placing potted plants at the door to elevate your porch, and add a Cottagecore-inspired floral touch by covering your greenery with white flower fairy lights. A great way to bring height to your outdoor space is by incorporating classic festoon lights along the roofline and extending the display into the garden to connect the two spaces even further.

Create a Golden Glow

Finally, the perfect finishing touch to any summerhouse is to adorn your exterior with LED candles, as their warm glow will tie the whole look together. Style the candles alone or place them in outdoor garden lanterns for an added rustic yet elegant ambience. You can also group candles and lanterns together around your seating area to create a quiet outdoor nook that you can unwind and snuggle into as you enjoy the warm, golden, summer evenings.

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