Using Christmas Window Lights For Festive Home Displays

Written by: Ella Carpenter

Create a fabulously festive indoor window display using Christmas window lights, perfect for those looking to add a quick touch of glitz to their humble abode. What’s more, you can enjoy the glimmer of indoor Christmas lights when you’re feeling lovely and snug inside your home whilst giving outsiders a glimpse of a glorious Christmas lighting display.

Multicoloured Christmas lights inside a window.

Multicoloured Christmas Window Lights

How to create a gorgeous Christmas window display

Dress your windows in festive twinkle with a simple string of LED Christmas lights; we always recommend using lights that are LED as they stay cool to the touch, which means you can hang them against curtains or any materials you may have near your windows. Create a large window display around the main window of your house or dot fairy lights around each and every window for a continuous festive feel throughout the home.

We guarantee that fairy lights will give your window frames an instant uplift, especially when night falls and the frames give off a gorgeous glow from either side of the glass window. If you’re a bit of a minimalist, keep it simple with one string of warm white fairy lights around the frame of a window or go wild with colour and opt for multi coloured Christmas lights. Or, if you’d like to create more of an eye-popping Christmas light window display, you could use a curtain light accompanied by a few festive accessories on the window ledge. These Christmas curtain lights also look great when hung against bare walls that are crying out for a touch of festive flair.

Our lovely fairy light heart wreaths are a popular purchase at Christmas and hang beautifully in front of a window all year round. You could have one of these in each window or have it right in the centre of a main window in your home.

Christmas curatin lights hanging inside a window with an LED wreath.

Christmas window lights with wreath

Minimal window display with fairy lights.

Opt for window minimalism with a simple string of Christmas lights

Fairy lights around a window with  a garland.

Create a gorgeous Christmas window display using a wreath and fairy lights.

A mason jar and fairy lights in an indoor window display.

Simple but gorgeous window decorations made using mason jars and fairy lights.

heart wreath with LED lights hanging inside a window.

This stunning heart wreath in a window for all year round glitz.

White LED curtain lights inside a window at night.

Use a curtain light against a window for instant sparkle.

Use Christmas candles on your windowsill

If you’ve got plenty of space on your window ledge, you could wrap a gorgeous garland in fairy lights or scatter a few Christmas candles along the windowsill. Get the candles wrapped up in a festive garland for a subtle Christmas lighting display; if you use battery candles, you can enjoy the benefit of having lovely flickering and realistic Christmas window lights without the worry of dripping wax or unnerving flames around materials!

LED candles inside a frosted window.

Christmas candles look gorgeous on a frosty winter evening.

6 Melting LED candles inside a home.

Entwine a garland around these candles for a big festive window display.

3 Candles on an indoor windowsill.

Achieve this look using flameless battery candles.

2 Melting candles on a fireplace.

Pop these in a window for a lovely warm white glow.