DIY Halloween Bat Stencils

Written by: Ella Carpenter

Our step by step guide on how to create a stylish and simple Halloween decoration for less.
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Bring on the bats!

These DIY bat stencils are perfect for giving your home a last minute spooky spin. Stick them on walls, doors or use them to create your own Halloween candles. Keep reading for a super speedy and oh-so-easy DIY tutorial that definitely won’t break the bank!

What you'll need:

A4 black card
A pen
A bat stencil
Sticky tape

Step One

Find and print your bat stencil, the simpler the better. Mix it up a bit and print a few different sizes on the same piece of paper. Top tip - take it from us...don’t go too small, they’re almost impossible to cut around and will get lost in the final display!

Step Two

Cut out your bat stencils, place them on a piece of A4 black card, securing with a little blu tack if needed. Draw around each stencil then cut around the line you’ve just drawn. Repeat as many times as you want bats. Top tip - white chalk or a silver marker pen works best for drawing on the card.

Step Three

Gently bend each wing slightly inwards to bring your bats to life. Finally, attach a small piece of double sided tape to the back of each bat and start sticking!


We kept things minimalist but why not get creative with glitter, googly eyes or sequins?!