DIY Personalised Light Up Name

Written by: Ellie Cox

With the recent easing of lockdown, more people have been hosting socially distanced gatherings for their friends/family. Groups of six people can now meet up in an outdoor setting, which has given people the opportunity to meet in one another’s gardens. Of course, social distancing measures still apply and must be considered! So how can you host a great gathering, whilst still abiding by the rules...? We have some top tips on how to host a safe, yet stylish, garden party!

Consider Your Set-Up

Arrange your seating so that there's a two metre distance from anyone who is not in your household, to remain within social distancing boundaries. You could split the table into two sides, one side for your household and the other for your guests. Pop a potted plant or a decorative feature, such as a garden lantern, in the middle as a dividing point for the table. This will also make a lovely addition to your table arrangement. Alternatively, you can set up chairs or sofas with adequate spacing in between. This is perfect for face-to-face interaction without being too close to one another, making it easier to have a conversation as a group!

Finishing Touches

Simple yet stylish decorative touches will complete your garden's look and wow your guests! Add some outdoor candles to your table decor for an elegant and glowing appearance. They are a great way to fill up space and make your table look even more inviting, creating that calm and cosy vibe. Stake lights will also add a bit of sparkle to your outdoor greenery and are super easy to position within plants and shrubs. Solar lights are a fuss free way to light up your garden during summer months and are also eco-friendly! Simply leave the solar panel in a sunny spot throughout the day and enjoy automatic illumination each evening.

Image: @marks_and_rowe_interiors

Prepare For Nightfall

You're likely to have a lot to catch up on after not seeing each other for so long, meaning you could lose track of time! Ensure your outdoor area is sufficiently lit for when darkness falls, so you can continue your party into the night. Hang festoon lights high above your space for a luminous look as the evening draws in. They are the perfect way to illuminate your garden and will create a subtle glow as it gets dark, allowing you to entertain your guests for a while longer. They also look great during the day and are flexible in their styling. Swag them between trees, along fences or use festoon poles/hooks to display them with ease.

Perfect Party Atmosphere

For the ultimate party atmosphere, incorporate multi-coloured outdoor lights and decorations into your arrangement to liven up your outside space. Accompany this with some funky music and get the drinks flowing for a fun filled fiesta! You could even set up your own outside bar, enabling your guests to re-fill their glass without the need to go inside to the kitchen. Use ice buckets or coolers to keep the drinks at a nice temperature, without the worry of them getting warm in the sun. Alternatively, if you prefer to just take the time to chill out with your friends/family, opt for warm white outdoor lighting for a more calm and relaxed feel.

Image: @theresa_gromski