Elevate Your Outdoor Space This Summer

Written by: Emily Rayner

Create the outdoor living space of your dreams this summer and embrace the golden sun. Whether your garden is big or small there’s lots of different ways you can elevate your space to unwind, relax and enjoy the summer months to the fullest. Here are our top tips for bringing the cosiness and calm from your home into your outdoor space to transform your garden this year.

Add Texture with Materials

Introducing soft textures to your outdoor seating areas is a great way to bring the comfort of indoor living into your outdoor space. Cushions, rugs and blankets are not only a great way to add colour and texture into your space but also make your seating extra comfortable and relaxing. Use a rug on your patio or under tables to add some dimension to flat surfaces, and drape blankets and cushions on outdoor sofas and chairs ready to snuggle up as the sun goes down.

Light Different Levels

No matter the size of your garden you can always use lights to create the illusion of a bigger space. Adding lights at all three height levels is a great way to open up your space by drawing your eyes to all the garden surroundings rather than just focusing on one level specifically. Fairy Lights and festoon lights are perfect choices for brightening up high, whilst candles, and outdoor lanterns will add a soft sparkle to your tables and around seating areas lower down.

Section your Space

Having specific zones in your garden not only increases functionality, but provides a clean and cosy feel to each section too! Patios, flooring and pergolas are great ways to create a contrast in your garden and helps make every space feel extra snug as you can decorate them all differently depending on their use.

Create an Alfresco Dining Area

One of the best ways to elevate your outdoor space is to create an alfresco dining area. Gather around the table with friends and family and connect with each other over a delicious meal all whilst basking in the summer sun. Long tables are a great option for all different spaces, as they take up less width while still being able to fit all your loved ones and can be decorated with flowers, flameless candles and table runners to add a pop of colour and a glow throughout the summer months. For styling inspiration for creating the perfect alfresco dining area, see our helpful styling guide here.

Finishing Touches

Finally, adding accessories and smaller detailing are a great way to really elevate your space this summer as it really is the little things that count! Small plants are a great way to create a calming feel to the different spaces of your garden as styling them on tables and around seating areas creates a seamless transition throughout your whole garden. Outdoor candles, lanterns and firepits are also amazing décor pieces to finish your garden look as they radiate a golden glow at night to keep you warm and bring your garden to life.

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