Garden Party Hosting Tips

Written by: Grace Agar

Welcome to a season full of effortless celebration 

Look forward to lazy, sunlit afternoons where time seems to stretch out endlessly. Create an atmosphere that is carefree and unhurried, perfectly embodying the essence of summer leisure. As the afternoon drifts by, the garden comes alive with a beautifully thrown-together party, where every detail exudes effortless charm, and we’re sharing our top tips on how to create this.
Get The Vintage Look
This summer, it’s all about vintage touches and thrifted finds. Create a setting that is quaint and adorned with antique treasures and a charmingly mismatched array of tableware. With an air of easy elegance and nostalgia in the décor, compliment with a soft blue and red colour palette, perfect for upcoming celebrations of the Olympics or Euro’s. 
Table Scaping Tips
Decorations are whimsical yet curated, featuring heirloom pieces of vintage china, linen napkins and classic white candle lanterns that cast a soft glow as the day transitions into evening. Tables are dressed in cheerful stripes and delicate frills, adorned with wildflowers casually arranged in shabby enamelware pitchers. TruGlow® candles are styled in abundance, delicately illuminating alfresco tabletops amidst a selection of food and jugs of Pimm's. 
Garden Styling
Bring your garden party together with the soft twinkle of white festoons swagged effortlessly overhead. Nestle dainty micro lights and flower starburst string lights amongst shrubs and surrounding greenery for added illumination and elegance, and place lanterns in and around for an added touch of decoration.