Halloween DIY Pumpkin Decorating Tips

Written by: Flo Oldridge

It's not Halloween without a pumpkin or two! Personalised with spooky faces, carving a traditional one is an activity we all know and love. Here at Lights4fun we love to go all out for Halloween, so if you'd like to join us, read below our 9 favourite ways to style a pumpkin! Whether they be LED or freshly picked, there is a pumpkin invention for every home this Halloween.

1. Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin carving is our favourite Halloween activity! Feeling a little adventurous? Opt into carving something other than a pumpkin! Creepy faces can be crafted onto other fruit and vegetables, bound to make visitors look twice as they pass your door. With pineapples being a top favourite and orange peppers not far behind, craft and style, completing with micro lights to create an illuminated finish.

2. Pumpkin Candles

Fuss (& mess!) free, pumpkin candles are the answer to so many Halloween party needs! With LED flames for safety, they last longer and can be showcased immediately. Pair as part of your dining table set up or display around the house for an autumnal glow wherever you go.

3. Pumpkin Fairy Lights

Light up your Halloween party with a string or two of Halloween lights. Our pumpkin lights are a definite favourite here at Lights4fun and you have all different styles to choose from. Wrap them around banisters or trail along a mantelpiece this Halloween. Being battery powered, you could even give a set to the little ones to take out trick-or-treating with them!

4. Outdoor Pumpkins

Line your pathway and doorway with pumpkins in all shapes and sizes. With stake lights and LED, our outdoor pumpkin range is bigger and better than ever before! Dress your home to impress trick or treaters, welcoming with a spooky glow.

5. The Fire Pumpkins

So simple yet so effective – grab a few real pumpkins, position them strategically in the garden or on the porch steps, then wrap with strings of warm white LED lights on clear cable. These Halloween lights are super quick to make and make a big impact. If you want an even more dramatic display, simply add more lights – you could even use battery powered fairy lights if you don’t have an outdoor plug socket available.

6. Glitter Pumpkins

Take traditional to the next level by creating a glitter pumpkin. Choose your favourite pick from the field, carve and shape with a creepy face or keep whole. Once you're ready to go, coat in clear adhesive and roll in a sparkly, glitter dust. Standing plump and pretty, add a glow by popping an LED candle inside, to safely flicker away all evening long.

7. Pumpkin Stake Lights

Another fuss free guest that's bound to lead the way to your haunted house in style! Our stake lights offer a ghastly glow, simply stake into your grass to bring a spooky scene to your garden this Halloween.

8. Bitey Pumpkins

Make use of the mini pumpkins too! Take a small paring knife (super carefully with supervision too!), a couple of coloured pins, and a set of novelty Halloween fancy dress vampire teeth. Carefully carve out an oblong hole round the front of the pumpkin, then slot in the plastic teeth. Finish off by using felt pens to give your pumpkin eyes! We love the idea of creating a whole family of bitey little pumpkins and using one on each place setting at a dinner party as a spooky Halloween party favour.

9. Mini Hanging Pumpkins

For outdoor Halloween events, line your paths and party areas with a row of small hanging pumpkins each containing an LED tea light candle. Not only will this make your Halloween lanterns much safer for use around plants and lawns, it’ll also mean that they’ll stay lit even if it gets a bit breezy.

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