How to Style: Summer Garden Parties

Written by: Octavia Robinson

It’s officially garden party season and we’re so excited to host the ultimate summer soiree for our family and friends. Overhead greenery and fresh flower arrangements complemented by twinkling fairy lights and delicious sweet treats make for the perfect garden party setting. Watch as dusk begins to settle, and the lights gently illuminate the table, creating a truly magical evening atmosphere. Joyful days spent outside are our favourite part about the summer; join us as we share our tips for creating a garden party to remember.

Light Up Your Space

Take delicate strands of twinkling fairy lights to instantly add a touch of whimsy and charm to any outdoor setting. Drape them across tree branches, fences or swag along garden walls. Alternatively, hang festoon lights across your pergola to create a captivating overhead canopy. Opt for warm white bulbs to achieve a cosy and intimate atmosphere. Place lanterns of varying heights along pathways, on tabletops, and in cosy corners of your garden. Turn on the candles at the base of the lantern and watch as the flickering flames create a warm ambience, casting beautiful patterns and providing gentle illumination.

Finishing Touches

Complete your garden party set up with delicate hanging lanterns, creating a serene and calming atmosphere for your guests to enjoy. Gather family and friends around a twinkling tablescape lined with faux foliage and an abundance of TruGlow® candles, styled along the middle of the table and in between sweet treats. Dot small tabletop lanterns and delicate vases of fresh flowers amongst rustic place settings and homemade cocktails for the perfect finishing touch to your garden party set-up.

Time For a Tipple

Food and drink play a crucial role in setting the mood and delighting your guests when hosting a garden party. Consider serving refreshing, classic cocktails like mojitos, margaritas, or a sparkling wine cocktail infused with fresh fruits. These timeless drinks are perfect for sipping on a sunny afternoon. Offer a selection of bite-sized desserts such as mini fruit tarts, chocolate-dipped strawberries, and delicate macarons to satisfy your guests' sweet tooth.