The Best Animated Christmas Lights Shows

Written by: Ben Naughton

As Christmas light fanatics, we at Lights4fun love seeing people using their creativity to create truly awesome animated Christmas light displays, especially when they're as extravagant as this bunch that we've hand-picked.Here are our top super-sparkly (and very impressive!) animated Christmas lights shows in ascending order. Enjoy!

4. Christmas Wrapping - The Waitresses

In addition to being massive fans of the song used for this spectacular lighting show, we absolutely love the way the Christmas lights have been used, especially the Christmas icicle lights which are set to flash in perfect unison to the beat of this 80’s pop classic.

What’s most impressive though, is how many styles of lighting have been used; from fairy lights and icicle lights to 3D figures and snowflake decorations, this awesome Christmas display proves that you can go as wild as you like with outdoor Christmas lights.

3. Jingle Bells – The Techno Version!

We applaud whoever made this ultra festive Christmas lights display, which has been created in perfect unison to a super-fast techno spin on the classic jingle bell beat. We absolutely love the multi coloured Christmas lights used throughout this display in addition to the waterfall-like animated lights.

2. Amazing Grace – Aretha Franklin [Dubstep version!]

This one definitely put a smile on our faces, especially due to the dubstep ‘twist’ on the legendary ‘Amazing Grace’ track.

What put this incredible Christmas lights show so high on our list though, is the faultless fading of lights sweeping through the trees that surround the house. The use of fairy lights is exceptionally creative and the slow fading of lights from tree to tree delivers a remarkable build up to the dubstep transition. Bravo!

And yes, the snow is an added bonus…

1. Christmas Rave!

And now we reach our number one. This incredible animated Christmas lights show certainly conquers anything we’ve ever seen before, not only due to the size of the house but because of the amount of lights this clever chap in El Paso has used.

We’ll let the video speak for itself!