Themed Children's Bedrooms

Written by: Ellie Cox

Selecting a theme for your little one's room is a great way to add character to their space. We have a range of new and exciting children's lights, which are perfectly suited to little ones' interests and hobbies. Whether they are fascinated by safari animals, sea life creatures or just simply love colour, our selection of lights are sure to make their bedroom that extra bit special!

Under The Sea

For any ocean enthusiasts, a sea life theme will add a splash of fun to their bedroom!

Incorporate blue tones which will introduce that underwater vibe, painting their walls with turquoise or navy shades to create the illusion of being in the sea. Use one of their walls as a sea-life backdrop and drape our Sea Life Fairy Lights along it or alternatively hang them high up above their space as overhead lighting. Scattering real sea shells on tables or window ledges will bring an authentic touch and our 2-in-1 Turtle & Crab Light is perfect for sitting on bedside tables. You can use it as a night light as it’s super safe and doesn’t get hot. With two acrylic shapes to choose from, including a tortoise or a crab, they slot into the light up base with ease. You can also select a white shine, warm white glow or a mix of both by a push of a button!

Safari Fun

A jungle or safari theme is also a great choice for any animal lovers or budding zoologists.

Our Safari Fairy Lights feature four different fun & friendly safari characters and can be hung over their window or from shelves as an accessory. Adding indoor plants will create a true jungle feel, as well as dotting touches of colour through their bedroom. You can opt for artificial plants for a low maintenance alternative or choose real plants for the full effect. If they're all about big and bold displays, our Lion Head Wall Light makes a show-stopping piece for their wall. With 36 warm white LEDs illuminating its majestic mane, it comes to life by night and is bound to be a roaring success with any little one! Our glowing Giraffe Wall Light is a more elegant option and looks super effective, with its soft silhouette highlighting it's delicate cut out design perfectly.

All The Colours Of The Rainbow

If your little one has a vibrant personality, why not reflect this in their bedroom with some vibrant colours?

Rainbow decorations and lighting are sure to bring that liveliness to their space, as well as encouraging their imagination and creativity. Our Rainbow & Cloud Children's Wall Lights are a super sunny addition! Incorporating all the vivid shades of the rainbow, they are a stand-out feature and make a cheerful decoration which will uplift the room instantly. Rainbows are ideal for the even littler ones too! The bright colours have proven to stimulate their mind from an early age and help with development.

Woodland Adventure

Does your little one love to explore? You can transform their room into the ultimate camping den!

Bring the excitement of adventure indoors by introducing themed elements, such as wildlife and woodland. Opt for a tipi styled bedframe, which you can decorate to complete the look. You can cover the bedframe with a bedsheet to increase the impact and add to the feeling of being inside a tent! Our Woodland Fairy Lights can be wrapped around their bedframe to introduce a cosy feel once darkness falls. They constantly remain cool so there's no risk in keeping them switched on for a long period of time. They provide subtle lighting which is perfect for bedtime reading, or you can set up a movie night in their room as a treat at the weekend! Simply prepare some snacks, pop on their favourite film and they can sit back & enjoy relaxing within their new set-up.