Valentine's Day At Home

Written by: Ellie Cox

Create your own Valentine's date night at home! Show your appreciation for your loved one this year and surprise them by giving your home a Valentine’s makeover for the big day. With many of us unlikely to be able to go out for drinks or a meal this year, we have some top tips for creating the ultimate romantic set-up within your own space with Valentine's Day lights.

Date Night At Home

Who needs to go out when you can bring the cocktail bar to you! You can create your own bar area at home and it can be as simple as a side table in your living or dining room, complete with a few decorative finishing touches. Our pastel pink LED Candles are perfectly suited to Valentine’s Day and are sure to set the mood once the lights go down in the evening. Style them as part of your bar display, alongside a bottle of pink fizz and pink champagne flutes to continue with the pretty pink theme. You can even blow up some pink balloons for the occasion to complete the look. Our Fairy Light Heart is a simple display piece which looks most effective displayed against a dark wall in your home, emphasising the silhouette shape created from the warm white LEDs. Our Rose Fairy Lights are also an elegant addition for your Valentine’s Day spent at home. Drape them across mirrors to create a reflective appearance, which looks truly magical once they are illuminated!

All You Need Is Neon!

Neon lights are trending for 2021, with their fun and vibrant designs proving to make a great addition to shelves or walls. Bright pinks and heart shaped neons will make a stand out piece for your Valentine’s decor or for a more toned down look, our Warm White Love Neon Wall Light fits effortlessly within any home. Not only are neon signs a lovely decoration for your day of romance, they also work well as a feature for your interior all year round and can be styled in bedrooms or living spaces to add a contemporary feel. These lights are also suited to weddings and are a brilliantly bright decoration for any wedding reception. To achieve your dream wedding look, style them alongside other wedding lights and decorations such as candles and fairy lights for a glowing display. Similarly, they can also be used for other events such as wedding anniversary or engagement parties - they have multiple uses!

Show A Little Love

Nothing says Valentine’s Day better than heart shaped decorations and they come in an array of shapes and sizes! Our Micro Lights will add subtle sparkle and can be incorporated as part of your dining table setting for your date night. They add a delicate touch and their super bendy wire means they can be shaped however you like. You can use them to entwine around your Valentine’s Day gifts as an alternative to patterned wrapping paper. Opt for some plain Kraft paper and use the micro lights to wrap around the paper and illuminate on the day to make the gifts look even more enticing! You can also scatter pink confetti as part of your table display or as a thoughtful touch, you could create your own mini love hearts by cutting them out of card and writing some of your own romantic phrases on them. Rose gold and silver heart fairy lights have also become a popular choice and are ideal for draping within your space to add a cosy yet stylish glow to your Valentine's arrangement.

Personal Gifts

You can create the perfect personalised gift for your loved one, which will show them how much you appreciate them! Bring your favourite memories to life by displaying those images of you and your partner that you love so much. A heart shaped light is perfect for this, allowed you to peg your pictures to the frame and illuminate them with a soft glow. You can then position it on a wall and incorporate it as part of your Valentine’s Day styling at home. Alternatively, glass domes provide versatility in their use and can create a unique gift. You can display one of your partner’s favourite things within it so you can make it personal to them. A red rose is a classic for Valentine’s Day and can be stood within the dome, paired with some micro lights to add a sparkling look. If flowers aren’t their thing, why not fill it with some of their favourite sweet treats which they can enjoy at their leisure!

Create Your Own Heart Lights!

We also have a fun DIY which you can easily do at home! All you need is some red glitter paper and some red fairy lights...

Simply cut out some heart shapes from the paper, either all one size or different sizes if you prefer, cutting a small slit in the middle of each heart so you can easily attach them to the lights. You can then push each of the LEDs through the slit and continue to do this along your set of lights until each LED has a heart on it. All that's left to do is illuminate your lights for the full effect! The lights will constantly remain cool so can be left on as long as you like throughout your Valentine's evening.