2 for 1
2 for 1

Bedroom Fairy Lights

Spread the sparkle with our collection of bedroom fairy lights. We've handpicked our favourite indoor fairy lights for wrapping around bed frames, draping over mirrors and giving a subtle cosy ambience, night after night. All our bedroom fairy lights are super safe to use with fabrics & upholstered beds so your children's lights can be left on for hours of use. You can also go for battery operated fairy lights to avoid trailing cables! Looking for inspiration? Check out our dreamy bedroom fairy light ideas.

20 LED Juliet Rose Fairy Lights 2 For 1
Enchanted Bell Jar Bundle Best Seller
30 LED Feather Fairy Lights 2 For 1
3 Blue Glass Fairy Light Orbs 2 For 1
Silver Tangier Moroccan Fairy Lights 2 For 1

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