Festoon lights create the ultimate cosy glow!

These lights suit any style of room. For a bright and airy feel, opt for white cable festoons to match the light colour palette of the room. Alternatively, for a unisex theme we suggest sticking to a monochrome palette and using a hint of warmth from festoons. They are super lightweight so they are easy to hang! Drape from ceiling to floor or surround the bed with a light canopy. Festoons look great during the day as well as at night, thanks to their fabulous bulbs!

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Fairly Lights

Micro Lights make dreamy silhouette shapes!

Opt for bendy micro lights and you can wrap any shape with sparkly lights. They are super flexible in their styling and can be incorporated in any part of the room. They also don't get hot, so you can even illuminate them before moulding into shape! Fun shapes such as clouds can bring out the playful nature of any room. Alternatively, wrap them around bedframes to ease your little one to sleep at night. They have a handy 6 hour timer for automatic illumination each day.

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Level Up

Light up all levels for the best effect!

You can get creative with your displays and use different levels for a greater impact. Opt for a theme, depending on your little one's hobbies or interests, so you can choose lights which are a perfect fit for their space. For aspiring Astronauts, star lights are a must and come in a variety of styles and sizes! There are also a range of themed fairy lights, as well as wall lights and table lamps - perfect for introducing different heights and shapes to your display.

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Creative Corners

Every creative corner needs a splash of colour!

From galactic lamps to strings of bold and fun shapes, with our children's lights it's so easy to give the little ones room even more personality. Multi coloured lights are sure to brighten up any space, especially if there's blank walls or tables to fill! Fairy lights are super easy to scatter on top of tables or hang from shelves in their room. Match vibrant furnishings and bedding with the lights to fit with the lively look and create a colourful haven for your little one.

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