Delicate frames add a simple decorative touch to your interior without overcrowding rooms. Our Artisan lantern collection features contemporary designs, which are simplistic yet super effective. You can make your lantern super cosy by adding an LED candle inside for an amber flicker. Our TruGlow® candle range combines hand-poured real wax with innovative technology to create the appearance of a real flame. Many of our indoor lanterns come complete with candles, simply insert batteries in the base of the lantern and switch on.

Key placements

Smaller lanterns are the most versatile, since they can fit alongside almost anything. They make a great shelf filler or table centrepiece. When styling bigger lanterns, remember they work best to frame the room. Try placing them on the floor near the wall or beside large pieces of furniture, e.g. a fireplace or sofa end. We also love to style a mixture of lanterns all together in a group of three or four. A great way to position a group of lanterns is to line them up in ascending heights or in a triangular formation with the smallest at the front.

Themed Rooms

If simplicity isn’t your style, why not opt for bold colours and prints as part of your lantern styling. A pyramid style lantern is a classic statement piece which will add a characteristic touch to your space. This classic multi-tiered lantern shape comes in plenty of styles, from vintage to Moroccan. The triangular top and striking design makes it a stand-out ornament for your home. Detailed patterned lanterns are also a firm favourite of ours. Due to their intricate designs they can be styled simply on their own, or add micro lights for a sparkle!

Rustic Charm

Rustic styling can be an alternative to modern interior, if you prefer to have a more understated and classic look. You can minimise the lanterns impact by blending them in more with the room. By opting for more plain colours and basic frames, this will ensure that your interior isn't taken over by them. Wooden framed lanterns can add a simplistic touch to your interior. Simple frames and rustic rope handles are charming additions to your space. White washed natural wood coordinates well in any setting and ensures a minimal influence.

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As well as our indoor lanterns, we also have a range of garden lanterns to illuminate your outdoor space!

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