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DIY Snow Globes Using Christmas Lights

At Lights4fun we love crafts & Christmas lights! We're always on the hunt for inspirational festive ideas that are easily achievable and purse-friendly to create. Here's how to make your own mini magical DIY snow globe terranium in no time at all...

DIY Snow globes with fairy lights

Ideal for a festive mantelpiece or the perfect DIY gift this season, you can get creative and personalise with existing decorations in your Christmas collection.

What you'll need

Glass apothecary jars
A string of fairy lights
Christmas decorations
Artificial snow

For a single jar display, pop a string of battery Christmas lights in with your snow and you can have a cable free look. For grouping jars together (as shown) it's perfectly fine to have your lights trailing from one to another. Clear or white cables will blend easily with this DIY snowy scene.

Snow globes and Christmas fairy lights

How to create your DIY Christmas snow globes

1) Fill your jar with snow around 3/4 full.

2) Pop your indoor Christmas lights into the jar and cover with more snow.

3) Arrange your Christmas decorations in the snow to create a lovely scene.

4) Scatter your lights in your jars.

 Merry Christmas snow globes with fairy lights

This DIY project has become so popular we've drawn some inspiration and created ready made Christmas jars complete with lights & silhouettes.

Credit for this project: Pink Pistachio

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